Apple Leopard



从网站上看来,OSX这一回的改变还不小。有应对电脑文件越来越多而开发的快捷浏览软件Quick Look,也有(好像这回是跟在微软Vista之后的)家长监控功能,还有“时光倒流”的应急软件。

最重要不能不提的,就是Booth Camp,在苹果上100%运行视窗。原先听到要额外收费的谣言在这里被攻破了。据说mac在运行微软视窗时,mac特有的硬件,3D显像卡,摄像镜头,苹果遥控,wifi,firewire全部都能如常运作。而且苹果还附上了全套视窗的驱动器(drivers),看来这一回真的是很想要抢攻视窗用户了。


3 thoughts on “Apple Leopard

  1. Thanks ahao. Initially i wouldn’t expect that you might visit my thread in another forum…

    Just to point out, we’re in the era where open source is going to get more and more attention. Not just free browsers that we’re talking about.
    There are other free to download stuffs from the net, range from utilities to anti-virus programs to office tools and even open source operating systems…Microsoft and Apple are not just the only 2 key players that going to run the show throughout the world.
    Open source programs are gaining popularity now, because it’s free…FREE…the keyword.

    If you had been tracking the I.T news recently…LINUX is making a comeback with the new UBUNTU LINUX O.S that had been stirring some attentions not only from I.T community, but also the major players i’ve mentioned.
    Even hardware manufacturers in U.S are giving support to these free-softwares.

    Sooner or later, I can just need to pay the price of the hardware, and use the freewares available for download from the respective sites, fear not of any threats, use it on my new toy.

    Of course, freebies could not be comparable to what we are paying the major players though…

    Just another link for your reference

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