“Yesterday Condoleezza Rice went into President Bush’s office and said, ‘I’m off to Lebanon.’ And President Bush said, ‘Vacation?’.” –Jay Leno

“Saddam Hussein has been on a hunger strike for seventeen days. They had to nurse him back to health with a feeding tube to get him healthy enough so he can go back on trial. And then be put to death. It is an odd thing. Two years ago, we were dropping ten thousand pound bombs on the guy. Now we’re feeding him nutrients through a tube. No wonder he’s confused.” –Jimmy Kimmel

“This Friday, ‘American Idol’ winner Taylor Hicks will go to the White House to meet with President Bush. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Imagine an awkward Southern guy, who nobody thought could win anything, sitting down with the ‘American Idol,’ Taylor Hicks.” –Jay Leno

2 thoughts on “Quote

  1. 今天在英文报纸当中看到一则:

    bushie: You’re a hab-been. We don’t have to answer a has-been’s questions.

    Sam Donaldson: Better to have been a has-been than a never-was.

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