I love complaints

“Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to comment on some of the news presenters of Channels 8 and U. Generally, the news presenters of these 2 stations have performed satisfactorily and well, especially the newcomers. I hope they will keep up with the good work and my email will address the newcomers in particular. Most of the associates who I know have expressed similar comments and views to mine.
Among the newcomers, those who have done well include reporters like He Li Fen, Xue Shu Hui, Huang Shuang Xi and news presenters Lin Qi Yuan, Xu Yu Ling, Zhao Wei Bei and Wang Zheng. Though they may have justed started their portfolios “not too long ago”, they have done exceptionally well (as compared to their peers who had more “experiences”) though they still have rooms for better improvements.
However, some experienced or “seasoned” reporter like…..(am censoring this part cos she complains abt another college)

As for Zhi Hao, his performance is relatively poor as well. His expression is bad, to some extent, keeps shaking his head (do not know for whateverreasons) and he is also spotted with mistakes in most of his news reading (though his outdoor reporting is better than reading live news). Qi Yuan has done better than him, not only in terms of the command of language and also in expression.
As a national TV station, I hope your station will assign suitable and relevant personnel (those who are capable and with good performance) for the related work and using the wrong personnel will upset audience and turn off their interest of watching the news. Unlike CNA where most presenters and reporters are good, the above mentioned personnel still more rooms of improvement and maybe to return to training school to brush up their skills- reading, expression and presentation.”

怎么说呢….. 贴上来自娱娱人(自愚愚人)吧!

12 thoughts on “I love complaints

  1. 郭靖的师傅(江南七怪)曾经说过:“看人挑担不吃力,自己挑担压断臂。。。”


  2. jus wan to say u are not tat bad. Dun take it too hard. There is always tis kind of ppl thinking they are “pro” to lauch “comments”. I do enjoy watching u reporting news =). Jia you

  3. 其實她說來說去就是覺得你的風格和搭檔不太配合. 我之前到新加坡, 有機會看你報新聞, 感覺上你喜愛翻稿紙, 還有手勢方面總覺得出現的時間不太適當, 可能會分散觀眾的注意力(看你的動作好還是聽你(或搭檔)說甚麼呢)

    如果有多一兩位主播有類似風格, 可能你便不會變成眾矢之的

    少少意見, 請勿介意

  4. 收到投诉,老实说不是什么令人开心的事。不过在这个行业那么多变,忙碌之余,听到支持的声音,很快就释怀了。



  5. haiz.. i think it is very difficult to please everyone. but i think coming to metacomm sure helps. i really thought you have improved tremendously. dun take it too hard, ok? 🙂

  6. I agree with iuh. different people have different preference, so u may seem not so good at her eyes but it may not be so to others. Jia you.

  7. Fang 说的对阿!听报道,看画面, 并非要看主播的“表演”。说真的,阿豪真的不错了。至少他少念错字,我觉得这是当主播最重要的条件。

  8. 对! 阿豪当主播真的不错!


    Don’t take the complaint too seriously. K?

  9. 我觉得你的主持风格比较‘生活化’,就像一个朋友在告诉你今天发生了什么事一样,我觉得很好啊!我家人都喜欢听你报新闻,你别太烦恼了。

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