“Caller feels that the newscaster, Huang Zhi Hao of Channel 8 news is not proffesional enough. He observed that Huang likes to fidget and do a lot of action which make him look too “active” as a newscaster. “

But first of all, how do u define PROFFESIONAL(PROFESSIONAL)? (spelling错误)




“Hello!Do U want me to teach U how to ride a lift?…..”(or to teach U how to appreciate?)

15 thoughts on “Uncle来电

  1. that uncle dunno mah… newscaster is NOT HUMAN! newscaster is ROBOT.. cannot move too much de.. that uncle maybe too old liao.. move too much bones will break.. =x!!

  2. already improve a lot already… can tell that you are making the effort to improve… 尽力而为,对得起自己就行了。。。没办法让全世界的人都满意的。。。支持你!!

  3. U say he is uncle liao lor.. he is too ue to the old style of presenting news in the 80s.. where newspresenter don’t smile so much or even face the camera tt much. Don’t bother about him!! Ppl noes that you are good out there. =]

  4. Ah Hao..

    My sentiments are more or less the same as those stated above.

    You don’t have to change your style of reporting news “just because one person said so”. And that someone is an uncle somemore..

    What era is it now? 21st Century!!!!

    Who says that a news presenter must always sit there..be very stern looking..and read news with a monotone voice???

    Just like who says girls cannot play football? Teachers cannot befriend their students? ..And who says fathers cannot be into hip hop dance? (hahahahaha…!)

    As long as you do your work with full professionalism..your boss happy with you..hehe..who cares what others say?

    I personally don’t see any problem in the way how you present news. What’s wrong with presenting news in a lively manner???

    At least people especially youths would comment, “watching news is not boring afterall”.

    Isn’t it better??

    Relax….stay cool…just be yourself alright!!!! *A pat on your shoulder*

  5. i told my mom u kena compain cuz 2 muz movement…she turned a shocked look on her face n said…got meh?? aiyo…he is a human, not wood block!

  6. really tink that you are doing great now. it is a pleasure watching you on news now. i tink it is really difficult to please everyone.. by the way, your hair is less funky liao hor.. 🙂

  7. everyone has their rights to voice out their thoughts and beliefs…UNCLEs too…give the man pros for watching your news!!!

    accept every criticisms with a open mind yet staying true to yourself…tough feat but that’s life!!!

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