Star Awards

十二月四号 红星大奖



请拨 1900-112-8202

  1. If you happen to like Serene and thinks that she truly deserves the popularity award…. Or
  2. maybe if Serene has been very nice to you and you had always wanted to do something for her but hasn’t quite got an idea what to do…. Or
  3. maybe if you think it’s a refreshing idea for a newscaster to be a most popular newcomer instead of a radio or TV artist…. Or
  4. maybe if you think… that Star Award statue will look really good in the dark laminated wooden bookshelf in her bedroom…. Or
  5. maybe even if you just happen to feel an itch to dial a number but got nobody to call between Nov 28 00:01hrs to Dec 4 20:00hrs, you can show your support to Serene by dialing 1900 112 8202.
  6. Each call is chargeable at 80 cents roughly equivalent to a can of coke packed with 139kcalories, which you need to run 2.2km to get it out of your system. So every time when you are deciding to pump that 139kcalories down your throat, think again…. you can consider saving yourself from those calories by dialing 1900 112 8202 🙂

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